The Llandrindod Wells Action Team was a working party of the Llandrindod Wells Spa Town Trust. Following a successful application for funds from the WDA- under the "Toolkit" scheme - it was responsible for delivering a large variety of projects during the 2000 - 2007 period. The Action Team especially worked on social economic development of Llandrindod Wells and the projects ranged from saving the play area by the Lake to the production of a Regeneration Plan for the town.

The Action Team consisted of members of the Trust, Town Council, Powys County Council, as well as the WDA and various Tourism organisations, the Town Co-ordinator managed the projects.

After the Toolkit scheme completed, the team was disbanded although it may well be re-instate by the Trust in the future


Some of the Projects the Action Team achieved for Llandrindod Wells are:

  • Building Improvement Scheme 2002, 2003,
  • Signage Policy: the re-furbishment of the road direction signs, Entrance signs and fingerpost troughout the town
  • Information boards and planters for the town centre
  • Middleton Street Refurbishment
  • Farmers Community Market
  • Town Leaflets
  • Refurbishment of the Lake Play Area
  • Llandrindod Website
  • THI Lottery Grant to refurbish the historic buildings
  • Tourism Growth Area
  • Leaping Stiles website
  • Tourism advertising grants
  • Merchandise grant (Postcards)
  • Open Spaces Surveys This resulted in the three Park areas getting their own management teams and achieving funding for the individual areas.
  • IQM Tourism studies
  • Business Forum Spirit 2 grant
  • Business Forum Consultancy grant
  • Business Forum PR grant
  • Events Diary Spirit 2 grant
  • RCA Events diary grant
  • RCA Walking Festival grant
  • TPMW Walking Festival grant
  • Capital Tourism Grants- resulting in Sculpture trails, Well walks and the refurbishment of the Chalybeate spring area
  • The Gateway Projects, as well as the High Street development were all existing Action Team plans.
  • Two major rallies came to town, the Historic Endurance Rally in 2003 and the Lombard rally in 2007
  • Some TV programmes: History Hunters, Your Century, Jamie Owen's series and BBC Scotland filming of the Llandoddie gave the town some good free advertising.
The Action Team was instrumental in all of these projects. Some they completed and delivered on their own and some were a joint venture with other partners.