Instructions on how your company, organisation or club
can be included on the Llandrindod Wells Main Website


The Llandrindod Wells Website is a community project by the Llandrindod Wells Spa Town Trust and can be found on

Any local company, organisation or club can be included FREE of charge on the site.


Have a look at how the site works,- we'll use Greylands, a local Guest House as an example -

  • Find the Accommodation section by clicking on the gold Accomodation button at the top of the site.
    This will open the Accomodation search page (as shown in the picture on the right)
  • Click on the Classification and search the Guest Houses & B&B's in Llandrindod


  • This will give you a menu page with links to several Guest Houses & B&B's in Llandrindod
  • Find Greylands and click on the underlined link
  • You're now on the Greyland page on the Llandrindod website.
  • You can see it has a picture, some text, telephone number, address and e-mail and website links.
  • If you click on the "L" it will bring up a location map.

If you'd like to be included in the Llandrindod website:

E-mail your text, picture, website address etc to: